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"We had a really wonderful two days on one of the Khilona Group Houseboats. So peaceful and relaxing after the hectic time in Delhi and with magnificent scenery and the beauty of being on the water. The boat was well appointed with excellent staff willing to see to your every need. Highly recommended. "
Elizabeth Trace
358 Aldridge Road, Cape Town, South Africa

"Quiet with fantastic views in the evening. An evening Shikara ride up to sunset is majical. This will not disapoint those who love piece and nature."
James Trace

"It was like "home away from home experience". Fantastic service and staff was so co-operative and caring. My son and his cousins enjoyed their time on house boat like anything. I will definitely visit this place once again during my life time. I would recommend people to book this place during your visit to Kashmir and enjoy stress free trip. "
Rahul Kakade

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